Nowadays, it’s do or die in the internet marketing industry. This is probably the reason why there are modus on how to build more links and generate income. The sad thing about this scenario is that there are sites that are taking advantage of their fellow site owners just to gain traffic. You might have been one of the prey of these several sites and you have to pay attention very well to be able to know what to do next.

Vampiresta, Adsensewatchdog, Villainstat, Uglystat and Zombiestat are sites that you should avoid. You might be able to track down records of traffic from the abovementioned sites and think twice before doing any move. You might consider them as potential visitors but at the back of everything, they are eyeing on you as a victim not just to generate visitors to their homes but also to spread malicious codes and contents that have the capacity to destroy even the computer.

Avoid Spam Attacks from Vampiresta, Adsensewatchdog, Villainstat, Uglystat and Zombiestat

With the increasing number of risks online, don’t be fooled. You might have been a victim of one but don’t let the other part of you will become a victim again. You have to be careful with the links that you are clicking and the sites that you are visiting. You will have lots of opportunities online and there are also lots of distractions. Avoid the feeling of “cringe factor” in the end just because you have been so lenient in building links for your site. Once infected with malicious codes and contents, you have to diagnosed your computer and do something right away.

And after recovering from the attack, increase your capacity to protect not just your site but your computer as well.

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