America is a country of high technology and talking about technology, we can include foods. Do you know that despite the recognitions received by this country in terms of its standards, it has foods that are simply not acceptable to other countries and to say some, here they are:

Farm-Raised Salmon: This is banned in Australia and New Zealand for the reason that it has the potential to damage eyesight based on several researches conducted. Normally, salmons have so many health benefits but this one is questionable. Aside from the said reason, it is also fed with synthetic astaxanthin formed by petrochemicals that is very toxic.

American Foods that are Banned in Other Coutries

Genetically Engineered Papaya: This is so common in Hawaii which is also a part of the United States of America. Since it is genetically engineered, there are potential side effects of eating this fruit which includes organ damages especially in intestines. This fruit is banned in the European Union.


Ractopamine-Tainted Meat: This is banned in Russsia and Mainland China since according to researches, the said meat is being processed with the use of a drug used in taming asthma and capable of building mice muscles. Another reason why this is also banned in such country because of the several incidences of poisoning and the most famous is in 1998 with more than 1,700 people has been poisoned.

Processed Foods Containing Artificial Food Colors and Dyes: There are so many foods in the US rich in food coloring. This is in order to make the food more attractive aside from several ingredients and preservatives added to them to look delicious. Foods such as cheddar flavored crackers, cereals, cheese and many more are banned in Norway and Australia because of this reason.

These are just examples of foods from the said country that are not allowed to consume or sell in other countries. 

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