Learning about Filipino lifestyle would lead to being aware of its wonderful past. With so many races who came in the Philippines, we could say that this race is really the “melting pot” of different races in Asia. With a closer look at the different aspects of this race, we will be able to be accustomed more to it.

Filipino Traits: When it comes to traits, we cannot deny the very vivid fact that Filipinos are indeed hospitable by nature. Care to look at how they try to accommodate foreigners and offer the things that they have though they are in grave financial problems and the like. This is what we can say as one of the “strengths” of the said race.
A Look at the Filipino Lifestyle

Filipino Family: This is a very important aspect of the Filipino culture. Going back to the fabulous past of the race, we can recall times when families really prayed together and regarded as one of the things that really bound together Filipino families in the past. Marriage is considered to be sacred, and anyone who engaged in this kind of ceremony cannot be separated.

Filipino Foods and Eating Habits: When it comes to foods, Filipinos are famous for “adobo” and some bizarre foods such as “ballot”. Because of this, Filipinos are regarded as good when it comes to cooking and eating as well. Rice is a major part of the meal, this is considered to be the main dish of Filipinos with the majority of its people cannot survive without rice.

Filipino Clothing: Filipinos are known for the “barong” and “baro’t saya” as national dresses. Nowadays, Filipinos are greatly influenced by western culture when it comes to the clothes they wear. And occasionally, the national dresses are still worn especially during special events and other patriotic ceremonies.

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