A 30-year-old woman stuck at her waist when fell on the gap between the train and the platform in Minami-ku, Saitama-Shi JR Minami Urawa station while boarding the said train. The incident happened when everyone is rushing to get in and have a space inside the train for it was a busy day for everyone.

When the incident happened, about 40 passengers joined hand in hand to rescue the woman by pushing the train with their strength that made it possible for the rescue. After that moment, the lady was brought to the hospital and thank goodness, no serious injuries are acquired.

Because of what happened, there might be a delay on everyone who is going to school, office and any other places of activities but what happened was there was no single complain from the passengers. Amazingly, after 8 minutes, the train went back to normal transaction and operation.

The blogger’s standpoint: Sometimes the best thing to do when things like this happens is that everyone must give way to the spirit of helping and voluntarily extending supports to solve a problem. The passengers were given an option to complain or not to complain but what happened is an example of what the world should be having as a standard when it comes to responding to delays such as this. That 30-year-old woman’s incident has opened the hearts and minds of everyone for help. In fact, the more we lessen our complains over things and stop crying over spilled milk, the happier and contented we will become as individuals.

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