Having watched the movie The Conjuring really gave me a goosebumps. Well, as far as the movie is concerned, there are so many movies that have the same concept as “The Conjuring” does, not that it has copied a concept, but there are really things about the movie that are similar with the others. But though that is true with the movie, there are things that really bother me with regards to the components of the movie that haunt me after watching and knowing about it.

1. The movie is quite devilish. Yeah. I am so affected by devilish movies. This is probably due to the fact that I have troubles sleeping at night after watching possessions and killings done by devils

A Review of the movie “The Conjuring” 

2. The doll effect. Annabelle is something scary to me. I have watched movies about the “chucky” thing and this is something relevant to such and it scares me with a jolt in my stomach.

3. The suicide thing. The director of the movie really has the eyes at the macabre with a scenario of suicide at the tree near the lake and I can’t handle seeing such scenario, not even in a movie.

4. THE REALITY OF THE MOVIE. This concludes the effect of the movie in my senses. Yes, Annabelle is real and all the stuff. And to know that it really happened years ago to a certain family scares me a lot. A fiction may scare me but learning about the veracity of all the info in the movie scares me more.

I dare you watch the movie for yourself and start the clapping game. Ready? Here I come.

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