How to Apply Online Board Examination

If you are a fresh graduate and is planning to take your board exam, the Philippine Regulatory Commission (PRC) implemented LERIS or Licensure Examination and Registration Information System wherein applicants can register for their examination application, renewal of PRC ID and the likes.

The previous registration process took a lot of hassle in manually giving your authenticated documents and queuing for a lot of time to get into the cashier window.
How to Apply Online Board Examination
It is a huge development for a faster and more organized service from the commission. At this day and age, most of us are into computers and would rather do online transactions to avoid stress and have easier access.

Through this tutorial, you will be able to learn the step by step procedure to accomplish your online application.

* Must be a Filipino citizen
* Must be 18 years old and above
* Have a good moral character

* Active email address
* Mobile number
* 2x2 ID picture
* Cedula
* Documents that include the date of your college graduation, personal information and many more

Here's How to Apply Job As Government Employee

* Visit PRC’s official website . Go to the REGISTER tab then agree on          its TERMS of SERVICE.
* Complete the registration form by filling out your personal information.
* Sign in your email address and password to upload your 2x2 picture with a good quality. Wear            decent attire (with collar) on a white background.
* After uploading your picture, click the SELECT TRANSACTION button then choose the                    EXAMINATION tab to complete the details about your exam.
* Select your preferred PRC Office and appointment date. You will also have the option to pay              through their office or Landbank ePayment.
* After your payment, verify it by clicking EXISTING TRANSACTION tab.
* Go to the PRC office with your printed application form.

LTO: Land Transportation Office Finally Distribute License Plates

After 2 years of delay. The Land Transportation Office (LTO) will finally release the license plates that were registered from July 1 to October 31 of 2016.  According to LTO Chief Edgar Galvante, the 1st batch will be given on the 1st week of July nationwide with a number of 387,000 vehicle plates. He also added that every vehicle owners will be notified on how they can claim it.

The agency will deliver the plates per batch at their regional offices as long as it will be available to make it on time at district offices. They also clarified that they are not going to publish motorcycle plates yet because they are still waiting for the Congress to approve the bill for a different plate design of motorcycles.
LTO Finally Distribute License Plates
It was previously reported that they were pending for about 5.2 million motorcycle plates and 3.8 million motor vehicle plates since July of 2016 until March of 2018.  Last April, the LTO purchased new license plate making machines that can produce at least 22,000 plates per day.

However, the Php 3.8 billion contract received a lot of lack when it was legalized in 2013. Thousands of license plates were also impounded when the supplier failed to pay the Bureau of Customs on its taxes and duties but was then cleared by the Supreme Court.

Vehicle Drivers’ Various Reactions

When the news came out that the LTO are finally going to give out the license plates, netizens and owners alike expressed their opinion on the said matter.

One of them is Leo who said that the plate numbers were already paid and the money that they paid for must be worth it.

Meanwhile, Deepar Regis is wondering on how the agency will notify them and since when they are informing the public. On the other hand, foolish officer is happy that the country is finally moving towards 21st century speed.

DepEd: During Weekends No Homework or Assignments Policy

Due to the complaints of the parents of having no quality time with their children, the Department of Education (DepEd) decided to uplift the memorandum 392 that was approved by former Education Secretary Armin Luistro.

The controversial memo will not allow public school teachers in giving their students any form of assignments during weekends. The government agency is also advising the educators to limit giving homework so that every pupil will have enough rest and relax at their respective homes.
DepEd: During Weekends No Homework or Assignments Policy
Luistro also stated that children must not feel strain on thought of doing their school works and just enjoy their childhood.

Some parents are also suggesting that private schools must be included in “no weekend homework policy” but Atty. Claire Castro explained that a private school has a different curriculum than a public school.  She also said that private schools have the freedom on how they will teach their students but it will be better if ever the law will also implement with them.

Private Schools Won’t Follow NO Weekend Homework Policy

With the decision of DepEd, it got mixed responses from students and teachers alike. For Federation of Associations of Private Schools and Administrations (FAPSA), they believe that the policy will not be applicable in private schools.

According to FAPSA Pres. Eleazardo Kasilag, there are plenty of school vacations like a 2-week semestral break and sometimes because of bad weather that cause suspension of classes. Tablet Education was also put in a bad light because of social media. 
The Teacher’s Dignity Coalition (TDC) also doesn’t agree with the agency’s decision. According to TDC President Benjo Basas, the new law is unnecessary because it will violate a teacher’s academic freedom for their students to have the best education.

Basas then revealed that thru giving homework, a parent can also use it as their bonding. Actually, an assignment has 2 purposes, to review the former lesson and study the new one.

Watch Miss Q and A #ShowtimeMissQATheFinaLAnswer Grand Finals Winner

Balaka Judge
After more than a year, Miss Q and A has finally found the top 10 wittiest and smartest queens from the LGBT community. Vice Ganda then announced that every candidate will have a respective judge to ask them a question.

For Kristine, she was asked by Pokwang on how will she convince the people who mistaken her as a transgender? She answered that homosexuals emulate women and she believes that Pokwang is a good person.
Watch Miss Q and A #ShowtimeMissQATheFinaLAnswer Grand Finals Winner
Khei is the next one to be called and her question was asked by JM De Guzman if her parents will allow her to be with him 24/7? She replied that she is now on a legal age and if they are together, they will create good memories.

Rianne is the 3rd contender and Brandon Vera asked her if she is willing to have a MMA fight with him? She responded that she will accept the challenge even though the result is obviously not in her favor.

Odessa is then called and was asked by Paul Cabral on what she will choose between North and South to add on his name? She stated that she will select North because she believes that he is a decent person.

For Matmat, Catriona Grey asked her if she is going to have a competitor from another planet in upcoming Miss Universe. She said that if the organizers will allow it, it may be possible because being Miss Universe possesses self-confidence.

For the 6th contestant, Marigona was asked by Nicole Cordoves if she will hold on her big earrings. She answered that she won’t do it because she doesn’t want to hurt her. Lars is the next one to be called and her question is from Karylle who asked her if she did not end up with Yael of Spongecola, will it be possible with Spongebob? She said that what’s for you will always be for you because God will have someone for you.

For Elsa, she was asked by Korina Sanchez on why Rated K is not included on the classification ratings? She replied that it shows the beautiful places in the country so, it doesn’t need to be a part of it. Princess is called and her question is from Boy Abunda who asked if you are going to have a fasting before a fast talk? She stated that you don’t have to do it because what’s important is, you know what you are saying.

Last but not the least is Juliana who was asked by Jugs and Teddy if you are going to use a steady rock if you will see an itchy worm? She replied that in life, we should stop being careless and give up if things doesn’t go to the way we want it.

For the 2nd round, the 6 remaining contenders were paired to debate about a respective topic. The 1st pair is between Rianne and Matmat who talked about which is better to apply a makeup between an alive person and dead. The next pair is Elsa vs. Juliana who debate about what is more bad trip to falter in sneeze and yawn. The last pair is Lars and Marigona that battled it out on who is braver, Cardo of Ang Probinsyano or Lakas of bagani? After a deliberation, the top 3 are chosen and they are Matmat, Juliana and Lars.

The Final Answer

The 3 remaining contenders are going to answer the question that says, what is the most difficult question and why? Matmat said on why most people in the community still can’t accept the members of the LGBT because they just want to be treated fairly by the society.

For Juliana, the hardest question for her is on what her biggest fear is because her response for that is if she will lose her mother. Lars is the last one to give her answer and she stated that the hardest question for her is why is she acting like that but she believes that she doesn’t need to pretend for she is happy for what she is.

Based on their answers, the judges chose Lars as a 2nd runner-up, Matmat took 1st runner-up while Juliana is crowned as the 1st ever Miss Q and A.