A grade 12 student died when a white tiger dragged him by the neck inside the India’s Delhi Zoo last Tuesday, September 23..The boy, only known as Himanshu, was said to have fallen inside the tiger enclosure around 1:30 pm.

There had been different speculations as to how the boy ended up inside the territory of the wild tiger. Some witnesses say that the boy deliberately jumped over the fence while others say that the fence he was leaning over gave way and making him fell into the enclosure.

The eye witnesses were unable to get the boy away from the fierce tiger. The tiger’s strong jaws were locked around the struggling boy’s neck for around 15 minute before the police came. Unfortunately, even the authorities were rooted at the spot and could not do anything to help the boy that had evidently been in intense pain. It took moments to scare away the animal but the victim soon died.

Watch White Tiger Attacks Student Iinside India’s Delhi Zoo on Viral Video

In the statement released by National Zoologic Park, the student was believed to be taking pictures and did not follow the warnings not to be too close in the enclosure and could have even climbed the fence of the enclosure and then jumped down.

One witness said that the tiger did mind him first but the student threw stones at the animal making the tiger finally attack.

The victim died but the zoo workers said that the tiger was not at fault at all. Belinda Wright said that the tiger just did the gruesome action because the boy seemed to be a foreign object that fell into its territory. It seemed to be the animal’s instinct.

The zoo management and the authorities immediately evacuated and closed the premises while the police is conducting further investigation of the case. References: indianexpressibtimes

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