Duterte Administration to Lengthen Validities in Licenses and Passport

One of the things that incoming president Rodrigo Duterte wants to improve is the system in processing business permits, licenses and passports in just 3 days. This kind of rule was implemented in Davao City where he became a mayor for more than 22 years hence; he wants this rule to be followed throughout the country in all Local Government Units (LGU).

In getting police clearance, the National Bureau of Investigation must occupy this within a day specifically for 10 minutes while the Land Transportation Office (LTO) must do a driver’s license in 10 minutes. Licenses should be suitable for 3 to 5 years not only for 1 year while a passport must be at least 10 years.
Duterte Administration to Lengthen Validities in Licenses and Passports
A renewal is obliged to go online if an applicant has no disparaging record. Duterte stated that computers must be properly used for the welfare of Filipinos. Aside from extending the validation of licenses and passports, the Duterte administration is also planning to remove the expiration date of birth certificates that usually has 6 months validation and having 93% of free wifi in our country before the year ends.

Meanwhile, the Department of Foreign Affairs told ABS-CBN News that there is a proper law to extend the validity of passports. Secretary Frank Cimafranca said that if it will push through, the applicants will costs a lot of money from 44 pages to 60. Incoming Budget Secretary Benjamin Diokno also expressed his opinion and he is approving of this new law. US visa now has a 10 year validation so why not our Philippine visa.

Job seekers will also benefit to the removal of expiration in birth certificates to avoid lack of time and money. The Information and Communications Technology Office will handle about the free wifi not only to selected areas but also to public places with the help of other government unit the Department of Information and Communications Technology.

Gilas Pilipinas Fell Short Against Turkey

FIBA World No. 8 Turkey beat our very own Gilas Pilipinas last night held at the Mall of Asia Arena during their tune-up game with a score of 84-76. It is one of the preparations of our national team for the incoming Olympic Qualifying Tournament. It is a huge improvement for Gilas Pilipinas as they were defeated by Turkey with a huge disparity in a score of 103-68.
Gilas Pilipinas Fell Short Against Turkey
Andray Blatche led Gilas with his 20 points, 7 rebounds and 5 assists. Terrence Romeo helped him with his 16 points who started the attempt to cut the lead of Turkey in the 4th quarter with his 8 consecutive points but just fell short. Jayson Castro and Gabe Norwood also contributed with their 13 and 10 points respectively. On the side of the Turkish team, point guard Ali Muhammed led them who scored 13 points while Cedi Osman had 10 points.

Blatche outscored his defenders in the 1st quarter where he got 10 points but the Turkish team recovered and countered it with 11 points. During the 2nd quarter, there was a short power outage at the 6:37 mark of the game but it was resumed after 5 minutes. After the 1st half, Turkey got a 7 point lead in a score of 40-33. At the opening of the second half, Turkey took the advantage of the Gilas’ consecutive turnovers and got a commanding lead of 17 points.

Blatche scored at 6:26 mark to break the silence for the Filipinos. Gilas got energized where Romeo scored 5 succeeding points and our team had a 20-8 run. In the 4th quarter, things got heated between Marc Pingris and Omer Asik and both players got technical fouls but Asik was fouled out at the game when he receive his 5th and last foul. Norwood scored 5 straight points to cut the lead in just 7 points, 72-65 but Turkey countered it with a 5 -0 run. With 47 seconds lefts in the game, Romeo scored 8 consecutive points but it was still not enough.  Gilas Pilipinas will be back at the court this coming July 5 for the start of Olympic qualifiers against France led by Spurs’ Guard Tony Parker.

President Duterte Meets Vice President Leni Robredo

The much anticipated meeting of two of the highest government officials in the country finally happened. President Rodrigo Duterte and Vice-President Leni Robredo met during a ceremony for the new Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Chief of Staff Ricardo Visaya at Camp Aguinaldo last July 1. It was the first time that the two met personally since they won the election.
President Duterte Meets Vice President Leni Robredo
They are known for having a cold relationship as they are both from rival political parties. Duterte is from PDP- Laban while Robredo is from Liberal Party. Duterte previously decided not to appoint Robredo to any cabinet position to avoid wrenching Sen. BongBong Marcos’ feelings who lost to Robredo in the election. The two had a separate inauguration ceremonies when they took their oath.

The president held his oath taking at the Malacanang Palace while the Vice-president’s own ceremony was held at the Quezon City Reception Hall. President Duterte acknowledged Vice- President Robredo’s presence at the start of his speech and jokingly said that he preferred to sit beside her but Secretary for Defense Delfin Lorenzana was seated between them. The audiences at the event were fascinated with Duterte’s gesture.

Robredo was interviewed by the media after her encounter with Duterte and she describes it as a friendly meeting. She also revealed that she asked the president’s permission to have a courtesy call and Duterte agreed. Once she return to her office, the vice-president will set up a schedule to have a meeting with the president. Meanwhile, Duterte emphasized on his speech that his first job is to have peace in our land rather than war. He plans to visit Nur Misuari in Sulu who is a chairman of Moro National Liberation Front. He also wants to talk with the terrorist group, Abu Sayyaf but it’s not on his priority right now. Duterte then warned the drug lords that are currently jailed at the National Bilibid Prison.

Meet the Viral Funny Guy During Duterte’s Inauguration Speech

It was a historical moment for President Rodrigo Duterte as he was taking his inauguration last June 30 but a certain guy caught the attention of netizens when the president was delivering his speech. He is Atty. Alexis Lumbatan who is caught winking and making funny faces at the camera. He is a lawyer currently working for Duterte’s sons Sebastian and Vice-Mayor Paolo in a span of 9 years.
Meet the Viral Funny Guy During Duterte’s Inauguration Speech
Lumbatan may be known as a lawyer by profession but he is now tagged as the funny guy at the president’s inauguration. During his phone interview with ABS-CBN News, Lumbatan revealed that while he and the other guests inside the palace were all in a happy mood, he just did those antics to give more good vibes but he insisted that he is well-behaved during the ceremony.

Growing up, Lumbatan said that he is a jolly person and he just wants good vibes. He added that he wanted to express his happiness for being invited as one of the 627 guests for the momentous event. Atty. Lumbatan also feels blessed and privileged for being friends with the Duterte family who has confidence and trust on him. During the election campaign, he actively supported Duterte and is now fulfilled that his bet prevailed.

A facebook fanpage “Mugstoria” who is known for posting viral photos and funny videos compiled Lumbatan’s funny antics since the last presidential debate. As of this typing, the video reach 4.1 million views in less than 24 hours. It now also has 78,000 likes, shared by more than 117,000 users and has 23,000 comments.

A netizen Abbysur Lazarito posted that Atty. Lumbatan is one of the finest lawyers in Davao while Vic Salvado agreed with the latter and added that Atty. Lumbatan is a natural funny person. Meanwhile Babez Depositario suggested the lawyer to keep spreading his sense of humor.