Good News: MRT for the First Time Run 18 Trains

According to the Department of Transportation (DOTr), they fielded a total of 18 trains last night for the first time since November last year. The management revealed the good news through their official twitter account.

The trains also reach its respective stations which is 6 minutes apart. Aly Narvaez, who is the MRT Media Relations Officer, sent a message to the media that they were able to utilize this because their maintenance team restored 3 serviceable cars.They are also planning to add more trains to give quality service for the passengers.
Good News: MRT for the First Time Run 18 Trains
Meanwhile, MRT Director for Operations Michael Capati stated that the public must not expect too much as the train line will still operate 15 trains in weekdays and 12 on weekends.

The country’s main railway carries 500,000 commuters daily that operated only 10 trains in recent months. The train lines have been a hot topic because of severe failures that cause the commuters to unload but the MRT lines got a progress since April when it began to operate 15 trains a day.

MRT Reach their Longest Streak without Accidents

Aside from adding more trains, the operations in Metro Rail Transit (MRT) are also doing smoothly as it doesn’t have any glitches for the past 17 days - the longest malfunction free so far in 2018.
The last record that they got was 13 days without accidents and errors last mid-October of 2014.  It can also be the result when the agency held their annual Holy Week Maintenance and gave thousands of passengers a relief. DOTr’s official twitter shared the news to the public just this morning and it got mixed reactions from the netizens.

For user @PHVoteNetizen, he thank the management for their hard work to ensure the safety and timely commute of passengers. On the other hand user @ildie thinks that the current administration is trying its best to fail the trains to blame the purchases of previous administration.

Public School Teachers No Longer Required during Elections

After 2 postponements, the Republic Act No. 10756 which was signed by Former President Benigno Aquino III will implement this coming Barangay and SK Elections on May 14. The Election Service Reform Act will let the public school teachers decide whether they will serve as the members of Board of Election Inspectors (BEI) or not while the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) will have an option to choose from other sources.

In case of shortage of election officers, the Comelec can appoint from private school teachers, any voter who is honest with no political affiliations, government employees and members of Comelec accredited citizen arms.
Public School Teachers No Longer Required during Elections
On the other hand, policemen are the final alternative if there are no qualified volunteers.  Under the law, a chairperson of Electoral Board will have an allowance of Php 6000 and its members will receive Php 5000.

Meanwhile, the Department of Education Supervisor Officials (DESO) will get Php 4000 and its support staff will acquire 2000. Aside from that, they will also have a 5-day service credit, medical assistance, legal indemnification package and Php 500K death benefit.

Good News! Government Employees and Teachers to Receive a Midyear Bonus

Because of the new regulation, the Department of Education (DepEd) doesn’t know yet on how many teachers will not serve out of 800K. In more than 177 K clustered precincts, it must have at least 500 K public school teachers who will in charge as a chair, poll clerk and 3rd member of Board of Election in every precinct.

Election Task Force and Monitoring Center Reactivated

For the safety of public school teachers, DepEd are planning to reestablish its Election Task Force and Monitoring Center this upcoming elections.  According to Undersecretary for Administration Alain Del Pascua, it will be set up at the Central Office of DepEd in Pasig City. He also advised the regional and division offices to have their own ETF centers.

Pascua then explained that they are going to make sure that the teachers and other personnel will have adequate information as well as technical and legal assistance throughout their duties on May 14 elections. They are also planning to have a seminar for those who will serve as chair and Electoral Board and Barangay Board of Canvassers (BBOC’s) members.

Government Employees and Teachers to Receive a Midyear Bonus

Since May 15 of last year, all government employees and public school teachers receive a midyear bonus which is an equivalent to their one month salary. Under Budget Circular 2017-2, the government allocated a total of Php 36.2 billion that will cover 1.5 million employees.

A regular, contractual, appointive, casual, full or part time workers in an executive, judiciary, legislative constitutional commissions and offices, state universities and colleges, public school teachers, civilian personnel and members of the Armed Forces are all covered by the compensation and are entitled to the bonus. Retirees who are extended on their job will also have a privilege for the extra wage.
Government Employees and Teachers to Receive a Midyear Bonus
However, an employee must at least work with a minimum of 4 months in service and acquired a satisfactory performance or more. According to Budget Secretary Benjamin Diokno, it is non-taxable and will not surpass up to Php 90,000.

In time with the release of midyear bonuses, Operations Division Ligaya A. Regis and Chief of School Governance declared a memorandum for concerned executives and workers to arrange and present a payroll in time to process and deliberate the payment for teachers.

Government Employees and Teachers to Receive a Midyear Bonus

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Ligaya also prompted bothered employees to ready their Master List of First Day of Service of Employees that is verified by the school principal and an accredited and true copy of their Form & report of March this year.

Employees who are Exempted

Meanwhile, laborers from agencies such as Government Owned and Controlled Corporations (GOCCs) will be exempted according to the Republic Act No. 6758 or Salary Standardization Law because they have a different compensation and position classification system.

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Workers who got their job through job contracts with a specific project and their payment is output based will not receive the extra salary as referred to the DBM circular. The 14th month pay or granting of midyear bonus is instructed from Executive order No. 201 that former President Aquino signed.

DFA Finally Open Passport Slots Online Starting May to September

For those who have difficulty on their passport appointments, there is some good news for you as the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) has announced that they are finally going to accept new passport applications online starting tomorrow, May 2 for July until September 2018.

The consular offices throughout the country will open except on Aseana Office at Paranaque City. They made their announcement through a post on their official twitter account which states that the pilot testing for ePayment at DFA Aseana is already on its final stages and shows promising results.
DFA Finally Open Passport Slots Online Starting May to September
Once it is finalized, they are hoping that they can materialize it soon and implement it in all DFA Offices. They also remind the public that the overseas workers, single parents, minors who are 7 yrs old and below, senior citizens, people with disability, and people who have urgent and emergency travels can also acquire for a renewal of their passports in any consular offices even without an online appointment.

It is a great development as they revealed last week that the agency is yet to open the slots online because of the ongoing system upgrade. According to DFA Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano, an applicant can pay the processing fee via banks and other policies.

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DFA to Open Offices in Isabela and Ilocos Norte

The government agency is also planning to inaugurate mall - based workplace. The new consular office at Robinsons Place in San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte will start on May 8 while the one in Isabela will be located at Robinsons Place Santiago which will open on May 15. Their operations for passport applications and renewal will activate from Monday until Saturday.

DFA Removed Philippine Map on New Design of Passport

DFA Assistant Secretary for Consular Affairs Frank Cimafranca stated that the opening of 2 new headquarters was an agreement from President Duterte’s Executive Order 45 that will allow them to open additional offices. He also said that they are planning to have 6 more branches in preceding months.