Developer Clarifies that it's not a Theme Park Underwater rather a Land based Resort

After gaining flak from social media and environmentalists, Viacom International Media Networks, owner of the supposed Nickelodeon attraction to be built in Palawan, issued a statement that a resort and not a theme park will be built in Coron.

Developer Coral World Park Undersea Resorts Inc. clarified via an email to that the title Agence France-Presse put on its article “Nickelodeon to build underwater theme Park in Palawan” did not accurately reflect the full details of their original announcement.
Developer Clarifies that it's not a Theme Park Underwater rather a Land based Resort
According to CWP marketing and communications director Susan Lee, contrary to the reports that a full 400-hectare structure would be developed under water, only 100 hectares have been allocated for the Nickelodeon facility and 30 hectares for the attraction itself.

“There will be no theme park development in Palawan.” Lee said in a statement, “There has never been any form of communication from our side mentioning a theme park. Our plans are to build a resort and attraction, of which we are designing an undersea attraction with an ocean conservation focus- this is reflected in the press release with Viacom International Media Networks.”

She added that the only infrastructure in the water is floating and all developments are on land. Furthermore, it would conform to international standards required as a global destination, advocating conservation tourism, renewable energy, environment protection and category 5 proof architecture.

AFP reported earlier this week that Nickelodeon would open a resort in 2020 that would feature restaurants and lounges six meters or 20 feet below sea level. The underwater development” would give fans a chance to “interact with the brand and iconic Nickelodeon characters.”

CWP stated that resort would be built on private property and would secure all necessary permits and approval from the government before starting construction. Government officials in Palawan have said earlier that they have not yet received any application coming from the said company.

Nickelodeon to Build an Underwater Theme Park in Palawan

Nickelodeon, the American cable and satellite television network famous for its shows like SpongeBob and Rugrats, is set to build an underwater resort and theme park on Palawan.

The company announced that the park would be a part of a 400-hectare (1,000 acre) undersea development that would showcase the marine life of the area. Fans would also get the chance to interact with the characters the company made famous.
Nickelodeon to Build an Underwater Theme Park in Palawan
According to Ron Johnson, executive vice president for Viacom International Media Networks, Palawan was the chosen location because it is known to have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world today.

The project is projected to open in 2020 and would feature restaurants and lounges 20 feet below sea level. The company reiterated that they would advocate ocean protection and conserve coral reefs.
However, environmental group Greenpeace expresses worry about the possible destruction of the area’s world-famous marine ecosystem.

“It’s sad and alarming because a theme park that big will not promote environmental protection by building those structures,”Vince Cinches of Greenpeace Southeast Asia stated in an interview with AFP.

Two UNESCO World Heritage-listed sites, a subterranean river and the Tubbataha coral reefs could all be found in Palawan.
Meanwhile, an online petition has circulated online against the construction of the said theme park. Filipino netizens trended the hash tag #CoronIsNotBikiniBottom referring to the underwater town of Nickelodeon’s famous character, SpongeBob. As of Wednesday afternoon, it has reached 96,000 signatures.

Officials in Coron Palawan insisted that they could not comment regarding the issue since they have not received any application for permit from Viacom or its Philippine company partner, Coral World Park. Environment Secretary Gina Lopez announced via DENR’s twitter account that she would not allow such underwater theme park to be constructed in Palawan.

Coral World Park insisted that the said project would be a part of the coral reef conservation program and would include a marine sanctuary for species like dolphins and sea cows.

President Duterte Approves Php 2,000 SSS Pension Hike

President Rodrigo Duterte has finally fulfilled one of his many promises to the Filipinos as the SSS pension hike was approved. An estimated two million SSS pensioners would enjoy a Php 1,000 pension-hike this January with another impending increase of Php 1,000 set in the future.

The increase would take effect this month, but due to re-computations and other system requirements, it would be slightly delayed until February.
President Duterte Approves Php 2,000 SSS Pension Hike
According the Presidential Spokesperson Ernesto Abella who announced the development in Malacañang last Tuesday, 

"He seeks to fulfill a social contract with the Filipino people, especially the elderly and the poor who gave the best years of their lives in service; while exercising fiscal responsibility to ensure the economic sustainability and protect the gains made by those who have prudently invested in the nation's future,” referring to President Duterte.

Consequently, it would have undesirable effects to some 30 million SSS contributors as their contribution rate is set to increase to 12.5 percent from 11 percent. Furthermore, the maximum salary credit will be increased to Php 20,000 from the current Php 16,000.

According to SSS Chairman Amado Valdez, there is a possibility that the increase in contribution would continue annually for six years until it reaches the target of 17 percent. He added that it was still only a possibility because the government-owned company would continue to seek ways to improve their investment income. If it improves, then there would be no need to let the contributors shoulder additional hikes.

Fears of bankruptcy led to the vetoing of former President Benigno Aquino of the proposed hike during his term, but according to Abella, the fund life will continue until 2040 once the increase in contributions is implemented.

There was also no need to make use of taxpayers’ money to sustain the SSS fund.

Social Media Star Adam Saleh Allegedly Kicked-Out on his Delta Flight

Youtuber Adam Saleh who is known for his online pranks shared with his followers that he was kicked out of a Delta airplane because he spoke Arabic while talking with his mom over the phone.

As of this typing, the facebook video was viewed more than 25 million times and netizens expressed their shocked and anger with the said airline. According to a report, Saleh was escorted off from his flight from London Heathrow to New York when 20 passengers whined about him.
Social Media Star Adam Saleh Allegedly Kicked-Out on his Delta Flight
The identities of the people who complained were still unknown. The whole incident was caught on cam and was immediately televise worldwide. The notorious prankster claimed that a number of people complained although there was no evidence yet to confirm the racism claims.

A passenger who witnessed Saleh’s behavior was interviewed by the media believed that he was not talking with his mother.  The social media star is infamous for having pranks on aero planes but was never kicked off before.
After Saleh was removed from his flight, he was interviewed by the police without any charges and Delta Airlines rebooked him to another flight to New York along with his friend, Slim. The online joker said on his video that just because he spoke on another language, they will feel uncomfortable.

He also believed that the complaints came from 6 white people.  Because of this incident, the airline releases a statement by saying that they gathering facts before jumping to conclusions of discrimination.

They reiterated that there people were trained to handle conflicts within the passengers. Delta also has plans to speak on their crew with other passengers once the flight lands this afternoon and will give more detailed information. The Metropolitan Police then confirmed that Saleh and his companion were not arrested and no offences were divulged.