Watch Teddy Corpuz marries wife on National TV

Vice Ganda, Teddy Corpuz and Jugs Jugueta left the madlang people in awestruck after their performance for the magpasikat week. Netizens are also delighted that it became a worldwide trending topic and left great reviews.

Teddy surprised everyone when he proposed to his wife Jasmin on national television and eventually got married for the 2nd time. After the Rocksteddy vocalist sang, he went to his wife who is beside their 2 children and told her that when they met 11 years ago, he knew that she is the one for him.
Watch Teddy Corpuz marries wife on National TV
He also added that Jasmin tells him that he never proposed to her so, he knelt down and asked her to marry him then she replied yes.  She was then accompanied by the staffs and made her wear a wedding gown.

The 2 exchange their vows to Pastor Joseph Etienne Morales and pronounced as husband and wife and sealed it with a kiss. Before Teddy’s wedding, Jugs opened their performance with a song and Vice followed it with a reverse poetry.

Teddy Reveals How he Prepared for their 2nd Wedding

In an exclusive interview with the media, the singer- host shared that the surprise wedding was planned since last year. His group mates thought of it as their performance for Showtime’s 7th anniversary; however he felt that it’s not yet the right time and this year is the perfect timing where 8 means infinity.
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He then recalled that they conceptualize the wedding video but it was gone. Teddy and Jasmin were married for 11 years through a civil wedding with their 2 kids; Angelica Phoebe (10) and Theodore John (5).

Did you know Chinese Man donate his Wife’s Body for a Life Preservation Project

According to him, he saved money for a year by selling his guitar, shoes and even joined a paluwagan. It is also a surprised for their kids when Teddy simply told them that they will have a pictorial for Anne Curtis incoming wedding.

Omar Maute, Isnilon Hapilon the Leader of Abu Sayaf and Maute Killed in Marawi

After months of battle in Marawi City, Philippine Security Forces killed the designated leaders of Maute and Abu Sayyaf namely Omar Maute and Isnilon Hapilon. According to Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana, he and the president were supposed to go in the city but they were told by the ground commanders that they will organize an assault this morning. He also reiterated that they were killed through a military operation while 17 hostages were rescued from the local terrorist group that lasted for more than 4 months.

Lorenzana then said that they will announce the conclusion of hostilities in coming days. On the other hand, Major General Restituto Padilla revealed that they are extra careful with the intense battle against the Islamic State Militants because they are concern for the safety of the remaining hostages. Padilla also stated that the war is coming on its end but they will take time to save the lives that are in the war zone.
Omar Maute, Isnilon Hapilon the Leader of Abu Sayaf and Maute Killed in Marawi
The conflict between the government and the terrorist group started last May 23 when the authorities want to capture Hapilon which resulted to an ongoing war. President Duterte then declared martial law in Mindanao that will be effective till December 2017.

Senators Praise Military for Neutralizing Maute Leaders

Several lawmakers applauded the Armed Forces of the Philippines and shared that the administration can focus now for a better Marawi City. Senator Gringo Honasan II said that it is a positive development but the battle doesn’t end yet.

What We Should Know About Maute Group

The death of the terrorist leaders is a great news but the government needs to help the victims on their basic needs such as food, shelter, health and many more. Minority senators Antonio trillanes IV and Francis Pangilinan also commended the military and they were hoping that this will be the end for the siege.

Meanwhile, Senator Juan Miguel Zubiri said that the foreign and Filipino terrorists cause a lot of destruction and misery to our countrymen and he is hoping the Marawi City will be restored.

Xander Ford Under Fire for Body Shaming Kathryn Bernardo

Former Hasht 5 member Marlou Arizala now known as Xander Ford receive backlash from the fans of Kathryn Bernardo when he mocked the actress’ physical appearance. The video became viral last October 13 when it was heard that Marlou allegedly mocked the kapamilya actress.

According to sources, the clip was shot last September before his plastic surgery however, his face cannot be seen on the video but the netizens think that it is Xanders’ voice. According to them, he described the La Luna Sangre star as a “bow legged wolf “and he added that Kathryn won’t have a chance to become the sexiest woman in the country because of her legs.
Xander Ford Under Fire for Body Shaming Kathryn Bernardo
Ironically, his surname is inspired to Bernardo’s onscreen partner Daniel John Ford Padilla. Kathniel fans on the other hand wrote comments on the 19 year old internet sensation and told him that even though he changed his face, he will never hide his true self.

Xander "it is not me" on viral video

When Xander’s alleged video became viral, his camp denied such allegations. Star Image Artist Management who handles him released a statement by saying that it is not Xander on the video where in fact Kathryn is one of his favorite actresses while Daniel is his favorite actor.

He also expressed how much he wants to be a part of their teleserye as seen on his interview with Magandang Buhay. They insist that his voice was just imitated and there are people who want to destroy him. In the end, they stated that their talent has a clear conscience and he is just working to earn for his family.

Daniel Padilla’s Alleged Audio Recording Talking about Sam Conception and Jasmine Curtis-Smith

The 21 year old actress on the other hand posted on her instagram account with a caption that says to own who you are and tagged the Cyber Smile Foundation which is an award winning anti-cyberbullying non-profit organization.

Chinese Man donate his Wife’s Body for a Life Preservation Project

A man in China named Gui Junmin decided to cryogenically frozen his better half’s dead body hoping that she will live again through this process. His wife, Zhan Wenlian, passed away due to lung cancer at the age of 49 last May. Her body is currently stored in a giant tank stored with liquid nitrogen at a cryogenic institute in Shinsadong province.

Junmin then revealed that he decided to donate her body for a life preservation project. This is a collaboration by Qilu Hospital Shandong University, Yinfeng Biological Group and Alcor Life Extension Foundation, US based non-profit organization.
Chinese Man donate his Wife’s Body for a Life Preservation Project
Gui made this decision out of love and believes that his wife was not dead but rather gone somewhere to rest for a while. He is even reluctant to let his wife go and doesn’t want to see her being cremated. Apparently the couple shares a belief in modern and emerging technologies. The widower also plans to donate his body after he dies.

Biological Group revealed Procedure Might NOT Work

Director Jia Chusheng of Yinfeng Biological Group revealed that this procedure might not work but it gives hope for the couple and the future. Before Zhan passed away, she agreed to have her body frozen.

Experts waited on her ward until the hospital announced that she is dead 4:01 am on May 8. They injected chemicals with the likes of antioxidants and blood thinner into Zhan’s body within 2 minutes of her legal death to avoid blood clotting.

Ice salt water was also used to pump to cool down her body. A CPR and a breathing machine were given on her physique to provide oxygen and blood circulation. This project cost more than 7 million pesos because it is the 1st time to have cryonic freezing in China. James Bedford was the 1st cryopreserved human being in the world who died of cancer at the age of 72 on 1967.