Watch It's Showtime Miss Q and A #ShowtimeShareKindness November 13, 2017

The 1st contender is Nesh Brosca Gornes who took up Hotel and Restaurant Management.  She was an academic excellence awardee and now works as a sales clerk. The next contestant is Angelica Panganivhan who is an accounting graduate.

She was a dean’s lister and is currently a Spanish bilingual call center agent. Last but not the least is Alztheiaj Wredz Querido who studied accountancy. She was a leadership awardee and is now working as an accountant.
Watch It's Showtime Miss Q and A #ShowtimeShareKindness November 13, 2017
Tumpak Ganern
The hosts asked the 3 contestants to check their buzzers and were reminded to give 3 phrases before giving an answer. When the 1st question was asked, Alztheiaj gave the correct answer and got to advance for the 2nd round. Contestant’s no. 1 and 3 were left to compete for the remaining slot. For the 2nd question, Angelica immediately gave the right answer and will also advance in the next round while Nesh is eliminated.

Wit Lang
Alztheiaj is called and her question says; what is more annoying? A snatcher got your belongings or he return to get the charger? She answered that it is more irritating if he will steal her things especially her cell phone because her contacts and pictures were saved their which are important to her.

Watch It's Showtime Miss Q and A #ShowtimeHashtags2ndAnniversary November 10, 2017

Angelica is the next one to be called and her question says; what is more infuriating? A snatcher grab your stuff or he asked for your permission before getting it? She replied that is distressing if the stealer will first asked for her permission because it will mean that you gave him an opportunity. Based on their answers, contestant no. 3 will go head to head with the reigning queen.

Alztheiaj and Tonette are going to answer the question that says; what is your parent’s advice that you regret not obeying it? The daily winner said that she feels bitter that she did not studied hard when she was in college because she was a dean’s lister but it was retracted when she focused more in her dancing and fell in love.

The defending winner also said the same because she was stubborn as a youngster but now, she is doing everything to retrieve to her parents. After a deliberation, Tonette is now a part of semi-finals and now earned a total of Php 60000.

How to Correct Errors in Birth Certificate

Birth certificate is an essential document use as your identification when you want to apply for a job or get a passport.  According to assistant national statistician Editha Orcilla, the common errors that need to be fixed in a birth certificate are misspelled name, date of birth, and gender. You need to file for correction of entry at civil registration office where you are registered with an amount of Php 1000.

If you are filing for a migrant petition, it will reach Php 1500. The civil registrar will asked for a document such as marriage license, medical and baptismal certificate, and voter’s registration. Orcilla then revealed that the estimated process of amendment will took almost 3 months. It’s because the local office of civil registration will send the petition and other legal papers to PSA for them to approve. They will then return it to the civil registrar of the local office to validate and prepare the certificate of finality.
How to Correct Errors in Birth Certificate
To conclude the procedure, you need to get the rectified document. Orcilla also insisted that OFW’s can also do this process by going on their respective embassies and there is no online method.

Fetalvero: It takes MORE to be a Filipino

Us Filipinos can be odd but transparent. When we are push to our limit, we can be brave enough to fight for our rights. We are also known for being hospitable to whom we have debt of gratitude. Different races and culture have various attributes.

Be Updated: Globe to Launch Cashless Payments

When there is a huge problem, a Filipino can smile despite of the tragedy. However, we can also be stubborn. One of the hot topics these days is the unresolved issue in traffic because some doesn’t follow the rules and regulations.

Foreigners are even hoping that we must be specific in giving directions because we tend to say so many details. We may have imperfections but we must still be proud for being Filipinos.

China Launched the World’s First Trackless Train

The Zhuzhou City in China introduced an innovative rail system that will use virtual lines and it is now considered as the world’s first smart train. The new Autonomous Rail Rapid Transit (ART) can tour with a speed of 70kmh or 43 mph and can accommodate 300 passengers.

This is one of the transportation ideas by the CRRC Corporation, which is known as one of the world’s biggest train manufacturer as they tried working on this technology in previous years that costs more than $2 million and they are also hoping to use it in other cities next year. The trackless train can be described in a mixture of a train, bus and a trolley.
China Launched the World’s First Trackless Train
According to People’s Daily Online, each train will last for 25 years and can travel 15.5 miles with just 10 minutes of charging. The advantages of trackless train to a regular train are the price is lesser and it can use a different route if there is traffic. However, the disadvantages are on how it will work if there is water or snow at the dotted lines down the road.

Chief Engineer Feng Jianghua revealed that building the virtual way system cost lower than the conventional subway system. He also added that it uses hi-tech sensors to accumulate travel data and to judge the distances per millimeter. The trains will be expected to open for the public in spring of 2018.

Netizens Opinions on the Newest Smart Train

When China introduced the very first trackless train, netizens had various reactions about it. For Tony Badu, he said that his only problem is that the tracks are not apparent for pedestrians and cars and it should have been colored red or blue so others can see the potential path.

Chinese Man donate his Wife’s Body for a Life Preservation Project

On the other hand, Shahed Hussain stated that too much effort was put in creating the train but not enough though on several conditions that it will operate in however, he appreciates the design. Meanwhile, other netizens compares it to a bendy bus.

Watch It's Showtime Miss Q and A #ShowtimeHashtags2ndAnniversary November 10, 2017

The 1st contender is Kim Montero who is a graduate of Tourism Management. She is a sewer and gown designer and also works as a freelance make-up artist. The next contestant is Maria Bibigirl Clear Water who took up a Marketing course. She is awarded as the most promising student and she is working as a team leader in a BPO company.

Last but not the least is Princess Khyly Dela Cruz who studied Nursing. She was a volleyball varsity player and is currently a dining and cashier crew in a restaurant.
Watch It's Showtime Miss Q and A #ShowtimeHashtags2ndAnniversary November 10, 2017
Tumpak Ganern
When the host asked the 1st question, the contenders failed to give the exact answer. However, Maria got to give the correct answer for the 2nd question and will advance in the next round. For the 3rd question, Princess immediately gave the right answer and she will also advance in the 2nd round while Kim is eliminated.

Wit Lang
Maria is called and her question says; what is the best time to forego a break-up?  During coffee break or lunch break? She answered that she would rather do it during lunch break because she will have a lot of time to explain to her boyfriend why they will have to separate.

Watch It's Showtime Miss Q and A #ShowtimeNovember8SoGood November 8, 2017

Princess is the next one to be called and her question says; if you are going to get married, who would you rather be? Become Chuckey’s bride or a Ghost bride? She replied that she would prefer to be a ghost bride because she will have an opportunity to fix her face while Chuckey doesn’t. based on their answers, Maria is going head to head with the reigning queen.

 Maria and Tonette are going to answer the question that says; if your best friend is going to have a relationship to someone you don’t like, will you interfere with them? The daily winner said that she will say her thoughts to her best friend because she cares for her.

On the other hand, the defending winner would rather keep mum because it is their life and she will just support her best friend’s decision. After a deliberation, Tonette is still the reigning queen for the 2nd time.