SSS Offers Loan Restructuring Program for 2018

The state run Social Security System (SSS) is reoffering its members the Loan Restructuring Program that has penalty condo nation for their applicants that started last April 2 on all of its branches nationwide.

Under this program will cover the borrowers who has past due loans on emergency loan, study now pay later plan, salary loan, educational plan and calamity loan. The victims of Marawi siege and Mayon Volcano Eruption can also avail for loan restructuring program.
SSS Reoffers Loan Restructuring Program
According to SSS President and Chief Executive Emmanuel Dooc, he revealed that the 2nd round of this program will end on October 1 that is a follow-up to the 1st offer that lasted from April 2016 to April 2017 wherein they collected a total of Php 6 billion from more than 800,000 members.

Dooc then explained that the reimplementation of the program is a response from the numerous requests of their members who were not able to avail the recent program. For this year, they are expecting to accumulate Php 1.2 billion from 250 000 members within 6 months.

The restructured loan this time is also more affordable with lower interest rate of 3% while penalties will overlook if you secured the full payment and will allow you for another loan after 6 months.

Troublesome Members won’t be Allowed

SSS Regional Public Information Officer Mario Daray said that the borrowers who are still delinquent to pay their loans from the previous program will be disqualified for this year because their balances will reinstate to the recent amount. He also explained that the members who were not able to utilize the existing program will benefit for the loans.

President Duterte Approves Php 2,000 SSS Pension Hike

Daray then insisted that the default members must be verified residents from calamity stricken areas by the National Disaster Risk Reduction and advised its members that it will only last for 6 months so they must apply as soon as possible. They can download the application forms from the official website of SSS (

Duterte Approves 6 month Closure of Boracay

Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque confirm to the media through a text yesterday that after the discussion with his cabinet officials, President Rodrigo Duterte has agreed to close one of the country’s famous beach destinations for 6 months starting on April 26. It was recommended by the inter-agency task force compose of DILG, DENR and DOT.

Boracay is popular here and abroad known for its white sand and crystal clear water. It was even awarded as the 2012 best island in the world by international travel magazine. Last February, the president ordered for the total clean up of the island and expressed his frustrations about the current state of Boracay.
Duterte Approves 6 month Closure of Boracay
Duterte even compared it to a cesspool and reiterated that he will be cooperative for the closure of the small island in Western Visayas. The temporary shutdown is the solution of the government for the rehabilitation and to address the sanitation issues surrounding Boracay.

Meanwhile Senior Deputy Executive Menardo Guevarra revealed that Duterte’s decision is final. He also added that the calamity funds will be given for those who will be affected by the closure. On the other hand, Jose Clemente III said that he is surprise by the decision of the government and if they will be given an opportunity, the will present their case.

Businesses and Workers Wary of this Decision

When it was announced that the popular island will temporarily close, many of its laborers are worried that their source of income will compromise. One of them is Chiquita Magbanua who is selling accessories made from shells. During peak months from January till May, she earns Php 500 - Php 1000 per day while when it’s rainy season, she doesn’t have enough money. 

When she was asked for her opinion about the recent decision of the government, she said that the closure means hunger. As of December 31 2017, there are a total of 17, 328 employees who work in hotels, restaurants and other establishments. However, NEDA Undersecretary Rosemarie Edillon stressed that they will make sure the businesses of the locals and its workers will be protected.

Grab Finally Revealed to Acquires Uber in Southeast Asia starting on April 9

After months of speculations, Grab finally revealed yesterday that Uber users can also reserve their rides using their application. Brian Cu who is the Country Head of Grab PH announced that the merger of Grab and Uber is a sign of a wider network for Transport Network Vehicle Services (TNVS).

The passengers won’t also have to wait a long time for their ride and it will be more affordable for them as huge fleet of drivers will be a part of their platform. Aside from the Philippines, the Singapore-based technology company will also take over Uber’s operations and its assets in other Southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Malaysia and Thailand.
Grab Finally Revealed to Acquires Uber in Southeast Asia starting on April 9
In exchange, Uber will have 27.5 % stake on its unification with its rival as the California based transportation company will go public in 2019 while Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi will be a part of Grab’s board. On the other hand, Grab Philippines reassures the public that they will continue to be collaborative in work and open manner.

Meanwhile PCC Commissioner Johannes Bernabe said that the companies need their approval first before the completion of their deal in the country.  If their deal got PCC’s transaction thresholds, they will need to file a transaction notice. 

What will happens to the Commuters ?

When it was announced that Grab bought Uber, netizens got mixed opinions about this matter that it became a trending topic in various social media platforms. One of them is Marcial who said that he is bothered because the 2 apps have differences like for Grab drivers, they will be able to know the location of their passengers before accepting it while Uber doesn’t have this kind of feature.

Meanwhile, Fernando Aldaba warned the commuters that they might face huge fare and fewer incentives. The economist then added that without competition, the prices will go up and the quality of service will decline.

Divorce Bill Approved by The House of Representative on its Final Reading

With total votes of 134-57, the members of the House of Representatives uphold the divorce bill yesterday on its 3rd and final reading. On the other hand, 2 lawmakers restrained from voting for the approval of House Bill 7303 or An Act Instituting Absolute Divorce and Dissolution of Marriage in the Philippines and this is the 1st time that a legislation for divorce got a progress on the third reading.

The main authors of the bill are Rep. Edcel Lagman, Emmi De Jesus and Deputy Speaker Pia Cayetano. Among the lawmakers who were against the decision are Rep. Gary Alejano, Rep. Raul Del Mar, Rep. Ruffy Biazon, Rep. Edgar Erice and Rep. Gabriel Bordado Jr.
Divorce Bill Approved by The House of Representative on its Final Reading
If the bill has a support from the lower house of the Congress, the Senate is yet to authorize the proposal as the leaders earlier expressed their disapproval for this measure but Sen. Koko Pimentel III is open in legalizing divorce in the country.

In order for this measure to pass, both chambers must have similar proposals. If ever this law will implement, it will give opportunity for those who are in failed marriages to have a better alternative in annulment.

An Act Providing for Absolute Divorce and Dissolution of Marriage in the Philippines

Malaca├▒ang: Duterte against Divorce

With the news on the approval of The House on divorce bill, Palace Spokesperson Harry Roque revealed that the President is against the legalization of divorce in the country as it will be a disadvantage for children and the abandoned spouses will lose their right to file a case against their former partner after the divorce.

Deputy Minority Leader Lito Atienza appreciate Duterte’s stand against the said measure and he believes that with the president’s position against divorce, it will be consign at the archives. During his campaign in 2016 presidential election, Duterte who got annulled in his 1st marriage in 2000 said that he will not support divorce for the well-being of children.