Former Senator Miriam Santiago dies at age 71

The whole country is mourning for the passing of one of the fieriest yet admired senator that we ever had. Miriam Defensor-Santiago sadly died in her sleep at exactly 8:52 am in St. Lukes Medical Center at age 71 years old. Her husband, Narciso Santiago confirmed the sad news in dzBB while the senator’s staff posted on her twitter page that Santiago died peacefully.
Former Senator Miriam Santiago dies at age 71
During a hearing for Freedom of Speech Bill, Senator Grace Poe asked everyone at the Senate to pray for the soul of “Iron Lady of Asia“. Weeks before her passing, Santiago was admitted at the hospital due to complications. The three-term senator first announced that she was battling with stage 4 lung cancer last July 2, 2014. Despite being teary-eyed, she still cracked jokes with the reporters that she was excited having this disease but is optimistic that she can survive this battle.

As of the moment, Santiago is on the top trending topic in twitter with hashtag #RIPMiriam. Most of the netizens send their condolences to her family and described the senator from Iloilo as “the best president we never had”.

Santiago filed her candidacy for president for the 3rd time last October 2015 after learning that she was on a stable condition with Senator Bongbong Marcos as her running mate but she got less public appearances among her adversaries when she became physically weak. In the end, she lost to current President Rodrigo Duterte.

After the elections, she announced that she will step down as a senator after her term will expire. After serving as a senator for 3 terms, she has a record of most number of bills filled at the Senate. Before Santiago became a senator, she was a former immigration commissioner, an agrarian reform secretary and a presiding judge at Quezon City Regional Trial Court.

Real Father of Andi Eigenman’s Daughter Revealed

The guessing game is now over on who is the real father of Andi Eigenman’s daughter, Ellie. The Camp Sawi actress’ half sister Maxene Eigenmann revealed the truth at the podcast of controversial DJ Mo Twister entitled “ Good Times with Mo”  last September 22. Mo asked Maxene for her reaction on the recent feud between her half sister and estranged ex-boyfriend. She answered that the two were always like that and she is used to it but they are not going to get back together.
Real Father of Andi Eigenman’s Daughter Revealed
The ex-lovers became a hot topic last August for their twitter war when Jake felt that Andi is using him to promote her movie but the actress expressed her anger through her social media. Meanwhile DJ Mo commented that he actually liked Andi and Jake together despite their cold treatment with each other. Maxene then agreed to him and revealed that Jake is the father of her niece. Mo responded that Ejercito is the father figure of Andi’s daughter but not biologically however Maxene reiterated that Jake is actually the biological father when they did a DNA test.

Because of this, Mo got surprised by her revelation while Maxene explained that the former lovers are co-parenting their daughter and that is the reason why Jakes social media accounts are filled with Ellie’s pictures. Mo also asked her on Jake’s visitation rights but Maxene answered that Jake doesn’t need it because he can visit his daughter anytime he wants. Maxene then revealed that Andi is currently seeing a surfer guy for a year.
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As of this typing, Andi and Jake is yet to give their responses about this matter.  Upon learning this news, Albie responded on his interview with ABS-CBN News that he felt relieved. His family was wrongly accused on how he was raised by his parents and other unnecessary things. In 2011 when Andi got pregnant, several speculations arouse that actor Albie Casino was the father who was Andi’s boyfriend at that time. After they broke-up, Andi then dated Jake until 2014.

China Sees Good Relationship with Philippines through Duterte Administration

According to Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Liu Zhenmin, the relationship between China and Philippines might be back on track and will appropriately handle the disputes, Liu told the Philippine delegation who visited in Beijing last September 13. The Philippine delegation consists of retired diplomats led by Rafael Alunan. He added that because of obvious reasons, the relations between the two countries became tenebrous but presently, the China-Philippine relations can have a turning point.
China Sees Good Relationship with Philippines through Duterte Administration
The two has been on a territorial dispute for South China Sea until the arbitration panel in the Hague favored the Philippines over China last July. With this ruling, China refuses to recognize it while President Duterte is hoping to make peace with China repeatedly but without compromising the verdict of the tribunal. Aside from China, other countries such as Taiwan, Vietnam, Brunei and Malaysia also claim the South China Sea. The statement of the top Chinese diplomat is a breather for the 2 countries to have a better relationship that’s been in an ugly feud.

Former President Fidel Ramos was appointed by President Duterte to patch things up and have formal negotiations with China last week. Both countries also want to ease the tension when Chinese Premier Li Keqiang told Duterte that he is hoping for the two countries to have mutual ties.

Meanwhile militant group Pamalakaya said that the aggression of China in Scarborough Shoal was because of the presence of US military. Fernando Hicap, a chairman of Pamalakaya, stated that China wanted to have a peaceful conclusion but the White House keeps on interfering that’s why the situation became worse. He added that they are supporting Duterte’s decision to pursue our country as an independent foreign policy. PDP-LABAN, which is Duterte’s political party then revealed that the president decided to step out of the US’ shadow.

Teacher Stab by her Grade 9 Student

A 15-year old student of Pedro N. Roa Senior High School in Cagayan De Oro fatally stabbed his teacher three times at the back during their class last September 13. The victim was Vilma Cabactulan who is his own adviser of Grade 9 Section Mendeleev. The 43-year old teacher was rushed to Madonna and Child Hospital but eventually she died at 10 am.  According to the report of DepEd division, the student attacked his adviser at 8:30 am in front of his other classmates.
Teacher Stab by her Grade 9 Student
After the incident, he promptly escaped from the scene but was persuaded by his parents to surrender in the office of DSWD Northern Mindanao in the afternoon. He was then turnover at Women and Children’s Protection Desk (WCPD) where he will undergo several examinations. Police Chief Inspector Arvies Altitche has recovered the used weapon which is a 7 inch knife beside the student’s bag and his other personal belongings.

The student told the investigators that aside from him, other 2 male students were also involved on the murder. They also have a grudge against their adviser who always humiliated them. The three of them planned on whoever decides to do the stabbing. He also revealed that the weapon was just given to him inside their school.Police Officer Marian Tolentino is yet to talk with the other students described by the suspect.

Meanwhile the family of the student refused to give any statements about the murder. His classmates describe him a silent type and he may have a grudge to his teacher who scolded him for his absences and successive use of cellphone during their class. DepEd Secretary Leonor Briones send her condolences to the family of Cabactulan and she was saddened by the incident. She also commended an action to help the 3 children of the victim with their needs. The security in school was also ensured and the students who witnessed the murder must conduct a stress debriefing.