Look Actor Ping Medina Warned all his Co-Artist to Beware of Baron Geisler

Actor Ping Medina took to his facebook account his enraged to his co-star Baron Geisler. He wrote a lengthy post about his encounter with the controversial actor during their scene for a film. According to Medina, he was relieved when he saw a calm Geisler when he arrived at their set.

When they had a conversation, Baron told him that he was sober for 5 days for his mother was in ICU and she requested him not to smell alcohol. Medina thought that change is coming because it was the first time he talked to the actor with sense. He even gave Php 200 to Geisler to buy food but to his disappointment, he only used it to buy 4 bottles of Beer.
Look Actor Ping Medina Warned all his Co-Artist to Beware of Baron Geisler
When they were rehearsing, he feels irritated when Geisler was not in the right condition to do the scenes even if his lines were easy. When they are going to start their shooting, he recalled that the troubled actor told him that he will do something on their scene. He thought that Geisler might spit on him but something else happened that he did not expect. Medina’s role was bounded with a packaging tape on his mouth while Geisler was a kidnapper with his 3 goons.
When Ping was acting to plead for his life, he saw Geisler suddenly open his zipper and urinated on him. Medina tried to compose himself so he just punched a cargo container that caused a fracture on his fist. When he saw Baron, he confronted and told him to have a fight but the latter refused his request. At the end of his post, he asked the people from the showbiz industry to stop giving Geisler any projects. When he was interviewed by ABSCBN News, he vowed to never work with Baron again but he has no plan to take a legal action.

On Geisler’s defense, he reiterated that he had a permission from Medina and their director to improvise the scene. He also claimed that the incident was just a mere misunderstanding. However, Direk Arlyn Dela Cruz revealed that it’s not true and Geisler was ousted from the film.

Russian Billionaire Granddaughter Died on Car Accident

The 19-year old granddaughter of Russian billionaire Platon Lebedeva unfortunately got killed when her BMW X6 spun off the road and crashed into Lake Lugano in Switzerland at 4 am in the morning.

The Russian Embassy confirmed the news that Diana Lebedeva and her friend Zer Yagubov died at the accident. The 2nd victim was a son of a wealthy businessman and the nephew of an official in the legal department of Russia.
Russian Billionaire Granddaughter Died on Car Accident
Yagubov was also believed driving Lebedeva’s car at the time of the crash. Both were long term residents at Switzerland and according to the Russian media, they studied at the University of St. Gallen.

Swiss Police and Rescue Workers refused to comment on the cause of the deadly wreck but on the crash scene photos, it showed that the vehicle went out of control and unconfirmed reports suggest that their car got involved in a race. The Russian Embassy stated that they arranging to flown back to Russia the bodies of the 2 victims as soon as possible.

The Blond Heiress who was known by her friends as “Lady D” is described as one of the leading member of Moscow’s Golden Youth. It is a group of billionaire’s children that showcases their glamorous lifestyles through social media.

She often uploads her designer dresses on her instagram account @ladyddll with more than 15,000 followers. Tributes poured online for Diana on her page. One user said that it is so impossible to believe that she’s gone in this world while her friend wrote that she will always be in their hearts.

In the 90’s, her grandfather banker was jailed for 11 years with charges of tax evasion, embezzlement and money laundering when he and his friend Mikhail Khodorkovsky fought against Vladimir Putin’s government. These 2 cases were viewed by the West as politically motivated prosecution. In January 2014, he was released from prison.

Japan Holds Language Training Program in Philippines

The Japan Foundation which is a government body that promotes their culture had an opening for the annual preparatory language program. It will be an opportunity for the Filipino nurses and caregivers who dreamt to work in the land of the rising sun.

The program was run under Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement for 9 years. It was also executed with the help of several institutions in the Philippine Government such as Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA), Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), and Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA).
Japan Holds Language Training Program in Philippines
Hundreds of Filipinos signed up to took part for this rare chance to work in Japan. Hiroaki Uesogi, a Director of the Japanese Foundation in Manila revealed to Kyodo news that a total of 333 people which includes 294 care worker candidates and 39 nurse candidates were selected to have training classes in Manila.He also added that there will be training for Japan language in a span of 6 months. Those who will pass the classes will go to their country for another 6 months of training.

After their orientation, they will be forwarded to various health facilities such as care giving stations and hospitals. Once they will successfully complete their stints at their respective working places, they will have an option to get a Japanese Licensure Exam in Nursing and Care giving.

If they successfully pass the test, there’s a possibility that they can work in Japan permanently. The director then stated that aside from training aspirants the Japanese writings like katakana, kanji, and hiragana, they will also need to learn the customs and manner for they will live and work in Japan. Uesogi also added that all the other lessons that they will learn will help them in the future and it is also a necessary measure in the Japanese society.

First Filipino to own Princess Diana luxury handbags is Marian Rivera

Kapuso actress Marian Rivera who is known for collecting luxury handbags, accessories and shoes is now the first Filipina to own a Princess Diana Handbag. The Primetime Queen posted on her instagram account 2 weeks ago her Outfit of the Day with her Handbag.

When the International Brand Designer noticed it, she decided to give her a new one with a letter that it will be an addition to her wonderful collections. Lana Marks is known for its exotic leather accessories and is one of the most expensive handbags in the world based at Palm Beach, Florida.
First Filipino to own Princess Diana luxury handbags is Marian Rivera
It is mostly carried at the Academy Awards Red Carpet by Hollywood Actresses such as Angelina Jolie, Charlize Theron, Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston, Lucy Liu, Kate Winslet, Jullianne Moore, Charlie Theron, and Helen Mirren. The CEO and Designer of Lana Marks is also known for being friends with Diana, Princess of Wales.

Meanwhile the 32-year old new mom recently celebrated the 1st birthday of her child with her husband Dingdong Dantes, Maria Letizia last November 23. According to them, they wanted a simple celebration because Baby Zia won’t enjoy a party and will not remember it.
A photo posted by Marian Rivera Gracia Dantes (@therealmarian) on

Their family went at Sonya Garden where the couple had their first date 8 years ago. Marian gave a birthday message for their child where she wrote that they love her so much. She is hoping that she will grow up a good person and love other people.

She is also thankful that she got to breastfeed her for a year. Dantes also gave her wife and daughter a painting with a sweet message that he will never forget the sacrifice that Marian did for Baby Zia and he is so proud of her. It was also like Dingdong’s birthday because of the success of his latest movie “The Unmarried Wife”.