Syrian War Kills Total of 700 Doctors

Paulo Pinheiro, a Commision Chief of the United Nations Human Rights Council recently revealed with the media that since the start of the Syrian War in 2011 by the attacks of jihadists including ISIS and militants of Al-Qaeda, a number of more than 700 doctors and other medical workers died because of the conflict.
Syrian War Kills Total of 700 Doctors
Many of them were killed because of air strikes. Jihadists were mainly targeting hospitals and medical clinics across Syria. Because of this problem, it is now impossible to give treatments to those who got injured with the attacks in hospitals. With the attacks of ISIS at Syria, school buildings, mosques, and hospitals now look like rubble.

Last April, an armed force that is loyal to President al-Assad attacked the al-Quds hospital at Aleppo. One of the medical workers that were killed was Dr. Mohammad Wassim Maaz. In May, 60 were killed and 100 got injured with the attacked by Russian bombers at the 2 hospitals at Idlib.

Aside from medical professionals, a total of 280,000 civilians died and millions displaced from their homes. Pinheiro also added that jihadists led by Jabhat Al Nusra did a lot of human rights violations like getting children from their mothers and will be train once they reach the age of 7 were force to join on their ranks.

Aside from that, Yazidi women and girls were being sold in markets, brutally rape and beaten by each fighter while their dignities were slowly wrenched as the days passed. Vian Dakhil, a yazidi woman who is present at the conference seek help from the UN and she is hoping that this will bring to the International Criminal Court. Dakhil then revealed that there are 1000 boys that is brainwashed by the ISIS to prepare for battle and 3200 women are still being captive.

Kapamilya Actress Nadine Lustre Shared a Stunning Photo of her in a Bathtub

Kapamilya actress Nadine Lustre recently shared a photo of her in a bathtub through her facebook account. The 22-year old teen star wowed her millions of followers with her seductive and alluring look. She was wearing a sleeved top match with a thick gold eye make-up and red lipstick. Nadine’s photo got thousands of likes just hours after she uploaded it on her social media account.
Kapamilya Actress Nadine Lustre Shared a Stunning Photo of her in a Bathtub
Many of them got amazed with her matured look and they agreed that she deserves to become one FHM’s sexiest women in the country. At a poll conducted by the popular men’s magazine, the “On The Wings Of Love” star top billed the online poll just before another Kapamilya actress Jessy Mendiola overtaken her before the voting was closed. As of this typing, the FHM Philippines haven’t release the official tally yet. Last year’s winner was Kapuso actress Jennylyn Mercado.

She revealed on her interview at “Tonight with Boy Abunda“ that she was surprised of topping the famous men’s magazine who is known for their yearly proclamation of the sexiest women in the Philippines. She added that she was ranked no. 49 last year then at one point she became no.1 at the unofficial result of the online poll this 2016.
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She was also happy that people nowadays has a different definition of being sexy. Whatever will be the result, she will be happy whoever wins because she knows it’s for someone deserving. FHM featured Nadine on an article stating why she deserves to have a higher ranking and they describe her as a deadly combination of beauty and talent.

The magazine also praised her photography skills and dubbed her instagram account as feed goals. Her on and off screen partner James Reid recently joked that he is pissed off with their fans assuming that his girlfriend’s sexiness is for his eyes only but Nadine clarified that her boyfriend is actually proud for her.

BPI: Some ATM Machines will be Unavailable in Selected June Dates

A statement was released by Bank of the Philippine Islands that some of their electronic banking services will be unavailable due to the activities of the maintenance of their system. It includes their Point of Sale (POS) terminals, Automated Teller Machines (ATM), and Cash Deposit Machines (CDM).
BPI: Some ATM Machines will be Unavailable in Selected June Dates
The bank released the selected dates where their services will be unavailable starting from 1 am to 5 am this June 23. Aside from these banking services, their debit, prepaid, and credit card services won’t be available starting from June 24 and 26 at 4am till 10 am respectively. BPI suggested their valued customers to complete all their transactions like withdrawing cash to avoid unnecessary complications.

                 The following are the services that will be unavailable this June 24
  • CDM’s, POS, and ATM Terminals ( 1 am to 5 am )
  • BPI phone and sim banking, mobile app, express online ( 4 am to 10 am )
  • BPI ExpressLink ( 1 am to 12nn )
                  The following are the services that will be unavailable this June 26
  • CDM’s, POS, and ATM Terminals ( 1 am to 5 am )
  • BPI phone and sim banking, mobile app, express online ( 4 am to 10 am )
  • BPI ExpressLink ( 1 am to 8 am )

During the election campaign, BPI was involved when Senator Antonio Trillanes stated that the presidential candidate then Rodrigo Duterte had a hidden wealth with an amount of Php 2.4 billion at their branch in Julia Vargas. Duterte’s lawyer, Atty. Salvador Panelo went at the BPI branch with 2 documents to prove that Trillanes accusations were delusional while the senator called Duterte a coward for not going at their supposed meet-up. However, the bank responded that there were no such documents on what Trillanes had.

Davao City Impresses Business Leaders

Some members of the business leaders were amazed by Davao City’s central 911 and it’s Security Command Center. Because of what they saw, they have high hopes that incoming President Rodrigo Duterte can fulfill his promised at his election campaign to improve our economy by minimizing the crimes in our country.
Davao City Impresses Business Leaders
Davao City is known for having a system in responding emergencies so, the business leaders are hoping that Duterte can implement this kind of law nationwide. Guillermo Luz of National Competitiveness Council told the media that he had seen a lot of operation centers in various countries but he was impressed by the southern city’s own emergency center.

Davao has their own version of emergency houses and a huge bus that can accommodate 17 people. There is also a center that monitors accidents and crimes by having 190 CCTV cameras. Peter Wallace also agreed with Luz and stated that people laugh at Duterte when he said that the country will be crime-free in a period of 6 months when he will finally lead the country starting June 30 but he thinks that it can be possible if the whole country can have this kind of discipline like in Davao City.

President-elect Rodrigo met more than 300 members of business sectors last June 21 held at SMX Convention Center at Lanang, Davao City to discuss the next administration’s 10 point economic agenda.The event was entitled “Sulong Pilipinas: Hakbang Tungo sa Kaunlaran that was led by Carlos Dominguez, the upcoming secretary for Department of Finance.

Recently, Duterte’s team for economy presented the 8 point economic agenda but now they added the Reproductive Health Law (RH Law) and focuses on arts, science and technology. This convention highlighted the ways for our economic growth by having open forums and workshops with Duterte and the business leaders. On the 2nd day, the business leaders presented their recommendations.