Another Inspirational Story: Once a Security Guard is Now a Lawyer

Last May 3, the result of bar exams held at the University of Sto. Tomas last November were released. Out of 6,605 examiners, 1,731 passed the exams. It’s an increased of 26.21% and was reported the highest since 2011. The bar topnotcher  was 25- year old Rachel Angeli Miranda who came from the University of the Philippines- Diliman.
Another Inspirational Story: Once a Security Guard is Now a Lawyer
Aside from her, one of the inspiring story was a security guard from the province of Benguet. He is Roy Lawagan. He works at the Commission on Audit- Cordillera for 2 years. When he learned that he passed the bar exam last Tuesday, he celebrated it with his family. This was his second take and fortunately he passed this time.

He first took a criminology course at University of Baguio then he went to St. Louis University to take a law course. On Roy’s interview with TV Patrol-Baguio, he revealed that instead of going to review centers, he was just self reviewing during his duty at COA’s Library and all his hard work paid off now. His co-workers were very proud of him and they call him now “Atty. Sekyu”.

Roy also admitted he just took Law to pursue his dad’s dream for him to be a lawyer but eventually he enjoyed it. His inspiration was his family for them to have a better life. His wife was also interviewed and she revealed that she was shocked but happy at the same time.

Roy said that he doesn’t have plans for now but him passing the bar exam is an advance birthday gift for him cause he is going to celebrate his 27th birthday on May 11. He also revealed that he will just work at COA until May 15 and will take the offer of his cousin to work at a law firm in Manila. He is 4th of the 9 children and some of his siblings had a degree in political science.

World’s Oldest Man Found in India:"Death might forgotten me"

If you are wondering who could be the World’s Oldest Man then he is found in the holy city of Varanasi which is known as one of the oldest cities in the world in Northern India. His name is Mahashta Murasi who is a  cobbler at the city until he retired in 1957 when he was 122 years old.
World’s Oldest Man Found in India:"Death might forgotten me"
There is also a record that he lived there since 1903. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, he was born in 1835  which makes him 179 years old now. His birth date was before the fight of India for their Independence in 1857 and before American Civil War. When Murasi was interviewed, he revealed that death might forgotten him cause he’s been alive for a longtime that even his great grandchildren died years ago.

He also thinks that he might be an immortal cause a normal person can’t even reach 150 years old but he will just enjoy his life. His claims were proven by his identity cards and birth certificate but there is no medical certificate to confirm it cause the last doctor who visited him died in 1971.

News about Murasi spread around the world  and became a hot topic in countries like Portugal, Spain and Italy. first reported it but some doesn’t believe it yet cause the site is known for their fictional articles.

World News Daily Report on the other hand insists that they did not create the picture cause it circulated online for a long time. The picture also became a meme on various sites but the original source of the picture was unknown. Netizens were also not sure if Murasi is really 179 years old cause it’s an exaggeration. The last person that was reported to be the oldest person in the world was Jean Calment from France at an age of 122 but unfortunately died in 1997.

Viral Guy Who Yelled at the Female Nurse Sued

When a video  was posted by a concerned netizen where a guy name John Michael Arellano Musni hit, yelled and used foul words to the female nurse name Joan Balen, it became a hot topic to various social media sites.
Viral Guy Who Yelled at the Female Nurse Sued
On the original post by Soy Gonzalez last May 3, she uploaded 3 kinds of videos where Musni humiliated Balen inside the fx car. As of this typing, it now reached more than 5 million views and was shared more than 229,000 times.

Many netizens got irritated to Musni’s attitude and they bombarded his social media accounts with hateful comments. Joan was interviewed by TV Patrol  and she told the media how she was hurt and traumatized on what happened to her. She said that Musni  is a sized man and has glaring eyes so she is still threatened to him on what if she will see him on the streets. She also stated her story on how Musni told her to move aside and how he was always indirect hinting her. Joan also showed her arm where Musni smacked her. Joan’s mother was beside throughout her interview and she was very furious to Musni.

Meanwhile the policemen went to Musni’s unit at North Olympus Subdivision but he was nowhere to be found. The owner of his unit confirmed that it was Musni who was at the viral video. The homeowners association and his neighbors were alarmed and they suggested the owner of  his unit for him to be ousted.

Joan already filed a case against Musni with physical injury, unjust vexation, slander by deeds and oral defamation. He also need to pay Joan an amount of Php3 million for moral and exemplary damages. Joan also thanked the netizen who uploaded the video cause it will be an evidence against Musni. Atty. Raymund Fortun offered free service to Joan to help her win the case against Musni.

Anti-Duterte Ad Received backlash from Mayor’s Supporters

TV Stations ABS-CBN and GMA received backlash from Duterte’s supporters after they aired a campaign ad last May 5 involving children who are talking about the issues against the mayor. It showed the mayor’s habit of cursing, his controversial remark on rape, and Duterte’s ready to kill attitude while the children criticized his behavior.
Anti-Duterte Ad Received backlash from Mayor’s Supporters
The anti-Duterte ad was reported to be paid by Senator Trillanes. The mayor’s supporters were angered about the ad and even called it black propaganda. Most of them were also concerned on why the parents of innocent children allowed them to be involved on the campaign ad. They were also disappointed to the tv stations who aired the anti-duterte ad.

The ad was also uploaded in Youtube and got a lot of dislikes. Despite the negativity against their presidential bet, they will still support Duterte whatever his rivals will do.  Kat De Castro who is known as a Duterte supporter questioned Trillanes on where he got funds to pay for the political. Some who are not supporting Duterte were also wondering on Trillanes actions.

The supporters of Duterte flock outside the ABS-CBN, GMA, and TV5 stations at Davao City. SunStar Davao uploaded pictures of children and group of people who are seen holding placards and lighted candles.

They also have their own version of the ad entitled “ Ang Totoong TV ad ni Mayor Duterte” where it showed the mayor’s love for the country, his determination to only kill the criminals, and promises to have a better government. They also had a version of Mar Roxas where he was shown cursing and knows where in Davao City you can buy drugs. Meanwhile Trillanes whom he called the mayor’s supporters “Dutertards” said that the truth really hurts. He also defended the children on the ad saying that they have a huge part in choosing our future leaders cause they are the one who will benefit from it.